6. Now you’ll need a passport

I think you’ll need a passport

Children then “apply” for their passport.  It is recommended that the teacher makes their own passport ahead of time. This will give you and example for the students, and time to become comfortable with the process of taking a students photo,uploading it to a computer then using Adobe Photoshop, to layer the image on top of the passport image, as well as any cropping or alterations you may want to make to the image, for example aging the photo.

Now It is time for the children make their own passport!

Passport Instructions

  1. Use a piece of white construction paper size 12” x 18” inches.
  2. Fold into eighths to get 4.5” x 6” inch pieces
  3. Staple together to make a book.
  4. Use a piece of 4.5” x 6” inch of navy blue construction paper and glue to the cover.
  5. Use a gold marker to design the front cover of the passport.
  6. Glue in the passport pages (Figure 1a, 1b, 1c) inside the book.
  7. Take pictures of students and have kids use Adobe Photoshop to make their photo for their passport.

As they “travel” around the world and use research,  they will begin to understand the differences between countries and different cultures.  The passport page (Figure 1b) gives them a chance to write a summary of what they learned through their research.  They will glue these pages into their passport as they visit countries.


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